Gentlemen, BEHOLD! It’s SSBBQ Episode VI – Return of the Science!

What’s the format?

Come on over, eat some food, drink some beer, and talk about interesting stuff. Everyone shows up and does a short (10 minute max) talk about a cool science topic. Feel free to bring a +1. No need for +1s to give a talk.

When and where?

Saturday, September 23, 2017. Start time is 4 PM. Email for directions.

What should I bring?

Beer and BBQ (e.g. pulled-pork and/or brisket) will be provided. Please bring a covered dish or favorite snack to share.

What’s considered fair game for a “science” topic?

Just about anything interesting is fair game. Technology, psychology, biology, math, sociology, archaeology, programming, engineering, DIY/hacking, homebrewing, photography, robotics, lock picking, astronomy, bird watching, and any other -ology. Don’t limit yourself. If it teaches something or would be a cool TED talk, go with it. But please no homeopathy, quackery, and fraud.

What were some past topics?

Past topics included open source astronomy software, integrated circuit manufacturing, canning/preserving, HDR photography, homebrewing beer, vinification, ancestral DNA, space travel, wastewater treatment, Trappist monks, internal combustion engines (Wankel!), pasteurization, bicycle stability, Linux backups, F1 racing, retro-hacking, endurance running nutrition, bees, residential solar power, ordnance disposal, gut bacteria, food safety, hacking WiFi buttons, the quantum eraser, milk powder, antibodies, antiperspirants, Anscombe’s Quartet, time travel, BBQ, the Magnus effect, giant lemurs, geoengineering, artificial intelligence and the possible end of the world.

Will there be a projector/screen?

There will be a Epson 705HD projector and a screen available, although we usually project on the wall. Bring your own laptop to hook up to a standard VGA connector, or you can go 100% HDMI. Native resolution is 1280×800. Widescreen… because that’s how we roll. If you have a Mac, don’t forget to bring your VGA or HDMI adapter. Bluetooth speakers available.