What’s the format?

Come on over, eat some food, drink some beer, and talk about interesting stuff. Everyone shows up and does a short (10 minute max) talk about a cool science topic. Feel free to bring a +1. No need for +1s to give a talk.

When and where?

October 8, 2016. Start time is 4 PM. Email for directions.

What should I bring?

Beer and BBQ (e.g. pulled-pork and/or brisket) will be provided. Please bring a covered dish or favorite snack to share.

What’s considered fair game for a “science” topic?

Just about anything interesting is fair game. Technology, psychology, biology, math, sociology, archaeology, programming, engineering, DIY/hacking, homebrewing, photography, robotics, lock picking, astronomy, bird watching, and any other -ology. Don’t limit yourself. If it teaches something or would be a cool TED talk, go with it.

What were some past topics?

Past topics included open source astronomy software, integrated circuit manufacturing, canning/preserving, HDR photography, homebrewing beer, vinification, ancestral DNA, space travel, wastewater treatment, Trappist monks, internal combustion engines, pasteurization, bicycle stability, Linux backups, F1 racing, retro-hacking, endurance running nutrition, bees, residential solar power, ordnance disposal, gut bacteria, food safety, hacking WiFi buttons, and the possible end of the world.

Will there be a projector/screen?

There will be a Epson 705HD projector and a screen available, although we usually project on the wall. Bring your own laptop to hook up to a standard VGA connector. Native resolution is 1280×800. Widescreen… because that’s how we roll. If you have a Mac, don’t forget to bring your VGA adapter. Bluetooth speakers available.